3 quick and easy fixes for your lead generation

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The No. 1 question from many clients is, “How can we use our website to generate new leads for our company?”

Lead generation is one of the hottest topics when it comes to online marketing. Companies spend thousands of dollars building their websites, developing content and driving traffic to their online presence. Measuring how these investments generate leads and revenue can be incredibly challenging.

Here are my three top ideas for generating new leads from your online presence:

  1. Create a newsletter opt-in

Everyone who visits your website could become a client, but you need to capture visitors’ attention and engage them in what you have to offer. Providing access to free content in exchange for an email address is the easiest way to capture new visitors on your site. Think about the problems your potential clients are facing and create a piece of content that will engage their interest. It could be a case study, in-depth blog post or video content that showcases your skills.

  1. Host a webinar

Offering a free online webinar is similar to hosting an offline event, but is more cost-effective. Feature a presentation from an expert in your company, promote your webinar across your online networks and capture prospects’ attention. Pre-webinar marketing allows you to expand your audience. The live online webinar gives you an opportunity to engage prospects and showcase your unique expertise. After the webinar, you can reach out and start conversations with your list of warm leads.

  1. Launch a landing page

Identify the biggest problems in your industry and develop a landing page that shows how your company solves these problems. Offer a free downloadable PDF with more information on how you can help and require people to enter their email addresses to access it. You can leverage paid LinkedIn ads, media coverage and email newsletters to drive new people to your landing page.

Capturing leads on your website isn’t complicated; however, you must understand the prospects you want to attract, as well as their problems, and show them how you can help. Leveraging these three tactics will allow you to capture more leads across your entire website. Each landing page, webinar and free download is an opportunity to capture a new lead for your business.

What are your favorite strategies for lead generation? Let us know the comments below.

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