3 marketing strategies for making your health care SaaS startup get the attention it deserves

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It doesn’t take flashing neon “Look at me, look at me!” signs to make your startup health care software as a service (SaaS) firm stand out in a crowded market. You can gain momentum with three tried-and-true marketing strategies:

  1. Provide targeted solutions. Health care executives don’t buy products – they buy solutions for specific problems. Make sure you understand their problems from their perspective and position your products as the solution, using targeted messaging that shows you understand their pain points. Answer these questions:
  • What are their biggest challenges?
  • How do your products solve those challenges?
  • What do they hope to gain from using your solutions?
  • Do they have other options for solving their problems?
  • What are those options and how do they feel about them?
  • How do they feel about you?
  • Can you make their jobs easier? How?
  • How else can you help them?

You can survey current customers to get the answers to these questions. If you have only a handful or no customers, put yourself in their shoes and answer these questions metaphorically. You can also review industry publications, including Modern Healthcare and Healthcare Executive Magazine, to learn more about health care organizations’ challenges and how they’re responding to them. You can also search LinkedIn groups, ask prospects about their pain points in person and mine top industry blogs for intel. Hint: Be sure to read the comments!

  1. Make your company look bigger than it is. Being small has its advantages. Less bureaucracy speeds decision-making and offers flexibility to get things done. Let’s face it though: Many health care executives go for what they know – large, established SaaS competitors that have name recognition and a boatload of satisfied customers. How do you compete with that?

You need to make a good impression and emotional connection with top-notch, consistent branding. The conventional wisdom is that prospects need to hear something three times to remember it. Consistency is what makes brands iconic. You want health care executives to see and hear the same thing every time they interact with your team, review your marketing and sales collateral, access your website and visit your office. Every point of contact should reinforce your messaging. This will give your firm a professional appearance, help you look big, strengthen your identity and build trust with your prospects.

Along the same lines, you should develop and maintain a comprehensive content marketing strategy that drives leads and nurtures and educates your audience. Having a formal strategy helps you deliver the right information at the right time. All content should be valuable – not sales pitchy – and address health care organizations’ challenges. Great content is:

  • Customized to specific audiences and their needs
  • Authentic (from real people – not robots)
  • Easily accessible
  • Well-written
  • Unique in angle or perspective
  1. Elevate your talent. Getting exposure for your team, including speaking engagements, webinars and articles in industry publications, is an excellent way to get people talking about your company. Employees who are subject matter experts can write intelligent and thought-provoking blog posts and newsletter articles, speak at industry events and participate in forums.

One easy way to start is to do a Google search for conferences, industry associations and conventions by state. State and association events are often easier to book with than large national conferences. Once you’ve got a master list, you can contact the event organizers to gauge their interest. You can also host your own workshops and webinars.

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Getting noticed

Building a brand takes time and patience, but standing out is critical to your health care SaaS firm’s success. If you offer targeted solutions, showcase your unique qualities consistently and increase your public profile, you’ll be positioned to drive prospects to you rather than your competitors.

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